Prof. Dr. med. Martin Werner

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Werner

Direktor, Department für Pathologie, Freiburg 


Current Positions: 

Director Department of Pathology, University Medical Center Freiburg
Leader Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg Shared Resource Biobank (mit P. Bronsert) 

Member executive committee DKTK: 

  • Freiburg DKTK Molecular Diagnostics
  • Freiburg DKTK Clinical Communication Platform (with R. Bredenkamp) 

Research Focus: 

Pathology of Diseases

Molecular Tumorpathology: 

  • Solid and hematologic neoplasia Biobanking DKTK 

Research Topic: 

Molecular Diagnostics:

  • Predictive markers in colorectal cancer 
  • Standardized Next Generation Diagnostics for Molecular Tumor Pathology Integration of intrinsic subtyping and mutation-based classifications in breast cancer – development of standardized diagnostic approaches 
Further Ongoing Collaborative Projects: 

  • Detection of mutated, free circulating tumor DNA and noncoding RNA in plasma of patients with resectable, stage I-IIIA non-small cell lung cancer (Co-Work with Prof. Nikolas von Bubnoff) 

Clinical Communication Platform:

  • Development and implementation of biomaterial bank structures and generation of the required bioprobe collectives

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